The Easter clearance aisle

Last night we (me and mom) went to Walmart to get bread, whip cream etc… And stumble upon the Easter clearance aisle (and by stumble upon I mean purposefully walk down) and guess what we found… Yellow chick peeps. Along with a lot more kinds of peeps that shouldn’t exist… Watermelon, mystery peeps etc… (And let me add as an aside watermelon peeps = ew.) I even saw orange peeps at target… Ew. So back to my story.
Mom: Hey Isabel, look, peeps.

Me: (like ten minutes later.) Why are there peeps in the cart?

Mom: I just said ten minutes ago look at the peeps Isabel.

So of course we end up buying like five packs of them. I can’t say I like peeps they always seem too sweet. But for probably anyone else that is a good find. :-()

Hello world!

Me: explain to me again how we ended up staying up till 4:37 with the birds chirping?

Mom: I don’t know…

Me: okay… That guy was a weirdo why do people have to do that? (The guy who showed up outside our door asking for money for a contest or something)

Mom: I don’t understand if it’s a scam that a whole bunch of people know about or what.

Me: yep… (I think the guy said his name was Ryan)

yes so pretty much today was a weird day with a weird guy. 🙂